For over fifteen years he has been in loco parentis (or Poetry Father) for the Poetry Society's Young Poets Award writing week at one of the Arvon Foundation's writing centres.

So it Goes

A farmer goes mad in the back of beyond
A fish lays its eggs in the depths of a pond
A baby is born on the outskirts of town
A man going up meets a man coming down
A stranger rides in on the back of a horse
A boy slits his wrists in a fit of remorse
A forest is felled to build a new floor
A woman walks out and closes the door
There are rats in the sewers and girls on the street
There are bats in the belfry and maggots in meat
There are devils in heaven and angels in hell
There are dogs in the manger and cats in the well
You can paint on the ceiling, you can write on the wall
But you can't get your head around nothing at all