Getting the Hang of It

Maybe, one day, I shall get the hang of it,
the mild and bitter, sweet and sour tang of it.

The Cupid's bow-and-arrow boomerang of it,
the why you never wrote and never rang of it.

The chalk and cheese, the hard/soft yin and yang of it,
the ego, id, the Sigmund Freud and RD Laing of it.

The Adam, Eve-olution and orang-outang of it,
the lock, stock, barrel and big bang of it.

I hope to say, before I die, despite the pang of it,
I've held it in my arms and not just sang of it.




"Colin Watts is a born storyteller."

Nessa O'Mahony, Orbis magazine.

"After reading Zen and the Art of Peeling an Orange I will never dismiss citrus fruit as just one of my 'five-a-day' again."

Christina McAlpine, Citizen 32.